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What is a Specialist Setting?

A specialist setting, known as a Learning Support Center (LSC), is a purpose-built unit established within a mainstream school. It caters specifically to children who have been issued with a Statement of Special Educational Needs by the Education Authority. These units are designed to provide appropriate support to meet the additional needs of children in a small group setting. By offering a more focused and tailored approach to education, an LSC ensures that every child receives the necessary support to thrive.

Admission to a Learning Support Center

Children are placed in the LSC in consultation with the Education Authority. Parents/Carers are asked to name their preferred school and/or specialist setting or unit.  The EA will then allocate children based on the space in the unit and the needs of the child.   This happens as part of the Statementing Process or as a result of a change of provision due to an Annual Review. We understand that navigating this process can be overwhelming, and we are here to guide you every step of the way.