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House Point System

At Ballyhenry School, we have a special way of doing things – "The Ballyhenry Way." So, what does that actually mean?

"The Ballyhenry Way" is all about being safe, ready, and respectful. We believe that these three qualities are essential for creating a positive and successful learning environment.  It allows our pupils to achieve their full potential in a caring environment.

To encourage these behaviours, we have a House Point system in place. Children earn House Points for many things, such as arriving at school on time (which shows they're ready), moving in a wonderful way around the school (this shows they are safe), wearing their uniform (which demonstrates respect), and going above and beyond with their behaviour (being safe, ready, and respectful). We also give out silver spheres and gold coins for children recognised as Stars of the Week and Rights Respecters. These special awards are also given for other significant events, such as showing bravery, helping others, and putting the needs of others first.  Silver Spheres and Gold Coins are also given out during our Celebration Assemblies where children’s achievements are recognised and Charter Champions are nominated by their peers.

The children are given a house colour when they arrive in Ballyhenry and they can proudly wear their house star on their uniform daily.  Siblings are always put into the same house so they can enjoy the family atmosphere of house party day.  Each house has representatives from every year group.  Children remain in the same house throughout their time in Ballyhenry.

Our House Points are collected and stored in our House Point Stand, represented by tokens deposited in tubes.  Children deposit their House Points at the start of each school assembly.  The tubes fill up very quickly! When one of the tubes reaches the top, we all celebrate!  Of course, there is something special for the winning house!

To mark this special occasion, we host a "House Party". On this day, children can come to school in non-uniform, wearing something that matches the colour of their house if they can. Our staff work hard to organise a day filled with fun and enjoyment for every pupil.  These activities include arts & crafts, songs, games, dance and much more!  We always have a “cheer off” to encourage a sense of fun and belonging.

We are proud to teach "The Ballyhenry Way" and we believe it sets a high standard for behaviour and achievement. Let's continue to be safe, ready, and respectful, both in and out of school.