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Ballyhenry Primary School, Newtownabbey
Cool For School Photo Day—Thursday 30th September We are excited to welcome Cool for School Photography to school on Thursday 30th September to take individual and siblings photos. (Siblings must attend Ballyhenry). If you wish your child to have their photo taken you need to complete the Cool for School Photo Booking by Wednesday 29th September at 7:00 p.m. If you do not register your child will not have their photo taken. This is an online booking system goes directly to Cool for School and has nothing to do with the photo permission required for school. Link: Code: JRWKX2E
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Principal Mrs. L. Knocker (Principal)
Senior Teacher Miss P. Collins
SENCO/Learning Support Mrs S Christie
Year 1 Mrs K Ruddock
Year 2 Miss K Thompson
Teachers--Key Stage 1
Year 3 Miss K Patton
Miss N Ferris
Year 4 Miss P Collins
Teachers--Key Stage 2
Year 5 Ms S Barrow
Year 6 Mr R Adair
Year 7 Mr A Robinson
Non-Teaching Staff
School Secretary Mrs. H. Reid
Classroom Assistants

Mrs A. Brown (P1)
Mrs T Gray (P1s)
Mrs T. Bell (P2)
Mrs R Marks (P2s)
Mrs. B Greer (P3s)
Mrs P McCandless(P3 s)
Mrs. K McGimpsey (P4 s)
Mrs K McMullan (P4 s)
Mrs D McIntyre (P4s)
Miss Z Thompson (P5 s)
Mrs K Scanlon (P5/P6s)
Mrs L Sommerville (P6 s)
Mrs A Hamilton (P6 s)
Miss G Hiltditch (P7 s)

Building Supervisor Mr D Branagh
School Cleaner Ms M Galbraith
Ms B McMeekin
SchoolPatrol Mr D Branagh
Mr M McCree
School Kitchen Ms C. Kinney
Ms C Dubois
Mrs I Jordan
Ms N. Steele
Mrs M Rooney
Ms S Moore