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Ballyhenry Primary School, Newtownabbey
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Principal Mrs. L. Knocker (Principal)
Senior Teacher Miss P. Collins
SENCO/Learning Support Mrs S Christie
Year 1 Mrs K Ruddock
Year 2 Miss K Thompson
Teachers--Key Stage 1
Year 3 Miss K Patton
Miss N Ferris
Year 4 Miss P Collins
Teachers--Key Stage 2
Year 5 Ms S Barrow
Year 6 Mr R Adair
Year 7 Mr A Robinson
Non-Teaching Staff
School Secretary Mrs. H. Reid
Classroom Assistants

Mrs A. Brown (P1)
Mrs T Gray (P1s)
Mrs T. Bell (P2)
Mrs R Marks (P2s)
Mrs. B Greer (P3s)
Mrs P McCandless(P3 s)
Mrs. K McGimpsey (P4 s)
Mrs K McMullan (P4 s)
Mrs D McIntyre (P4s)
Miss Z Thompson (P5 s)
Mrs K Scanlon (P5/P6s)
Mrs L Sommerville (P6 s)
Mrs A Hamilton (P6 s)
Miss G Hiltditch (P7 s)

Building Supervisor Mr D Branagh
School Cleaner Ms M Galbraith
Ms B McMeekin
SchoolPatrol Mr D Branagh
Mr M McCree
School Kitchen Ms C. Kinney
Ms C Dubois
Mrs I Jordan
Ms N. Steele
Mrs M Rooney
Ms S Moore